Saturday’s Story


Today we held a basketball, volleyball, and two soccer clinics at different locations. The soccer clinic we worked at had kids that aged from 6-12 years old. A lot of them were familiar faces from the slums we went to on Thursday, and also kids from other slums and an orphanage. We set up four different stations for the kids. We had heading, shooting, dribbling and passing. We helped the kids work on their fundamentals and also helped coaches learn new drills to take back with them. To us it is amazing to see how inspired these kids are to play soccer even in the conditions they have to play in. Some of them play without shoes on, and the ground is in horrible condition. Selby and I shared a very similar experience, we worked the clinic together and connected with the same people, one boy in particular.

Karlee- When we went to the slums I met this little boy named Amster. He was the first kid I saw and the one that has had the biggest impact on me so far. Amster was at the camp today and I got a chance to work, and hang out with him again. I have learned so much from him. In a sense I have learned what the word Love really means. Amster has very little in life, and yet what he gets he gives selflessly. Today after we held our camp he asked me if I had any water. I gave him an entire bottle of water. Amster took two sips and started passing out rest until it was all gone. I gave him a t-shirt and he gave it to a boy who asked for it. I gave him bracelets and he gave them to his sisters. Even though Amster is in need, he seeks first the give to others. He doesn’t have things to take for granted. The last hour of camp Amster was a little down. I didn’t know what was wrong so before we had to leave I went to go talk to him and asked him if he was upset about something. I gave him a hung and he was crying. Amster did not want us to leave. Sometimes it is easy to doubt the effect of short-term mission trips but today I saw the effect of them. I saw how much the material things don’t matter, and how much showing Gods love can affect someone.

Selby- In the slums we had the great privilege of meeting a little boy name Amster. He has impacted my life and taught me more than anyone else has in just a span of two days of getting to spend time with him. I remember me him and Karlee bonded right away and I don’t think he let go of our hands the entire time we were in the slums. We had the opportunity to meet his family and see his home. I remember him talking about how when there was food at his house his mom liked to feed his little sisters a lot but not give him as much. Yet when we gave him lunch he saved half of it to give to his family. Anytime anything was given to him his first instinct was finding people he could share it with. So often when I receive gifts that is the last thought from my mind. For him to have basically nothing and be so willing to share is unbelievable to me. The highlight of my day today was seeing the smile on Amster’s face when we stepped off the bus. Working with him and all of the other kids was a great experience. It was difficult at times to overcome the language barrier and the age difference but it was great to spend time with the kids doing something that we both love. When we left we gave Amster some socks and water, which of course he immediately shared with all of his friends. Then when I gave him a hug goodbye he buried his head in the side of my shirt and starting crying. It broke my heart and was so touching to see someone care so much. I pray that someday down the road I have another opportunity to see Amster and that he will know what a great impact he made on my life in such a short time.

Today we were able to run hundreds of kids through all of the different sports clinics. It was an exhausting but successful day. We can’t believe it has already been a week and we’re looking forward to what all God has to teach us on the rest of this trip.

-Karlee & Selby





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