Friday, Friday…


Alyssa already has said a bit of her perspective as a volleyball player but we thought another perspective from a soccer girl would be neat to : ) Well this morning we woke up around 4:45 and left for the streets of Nairobi to love on and feed the street kids again. We got off the bus and there were about 20 kids, their age ranging from about 10 years old to about 40 but the majority of them were children. A lot of them did not really know what their actual age was.  The smell of glue that many of them are addicted to mask the pain of their hunger was hanging in the air and they were all sitting on the ground along a wall where some of them sit and even sleep every night. We all were able to sit and talk to some of them that we had seen the Wednesday before and pray with them and remind them that we were going to play soccer with them in the city park later on. It was so sad to talk to some of them because they had such aspirations for the rest of their life but the hand that they had been dealt was so hard to over come that many of them just said that everyday they sat there, their life was wasting away.  You could really tell how much of an impact Boniface had already made on the boys just by sharing God’s word with them and letting God work in their hearts how he wants. We all just prayed for them an encouraged them to keep praying and trusting God because even though what they are going through at the moment is hard, God has an awesome plan for each and everyone of them. After we fed them we had to hurry and leave or else the police would come and run them off. So about 3 hours later we met them at the city park and we were all so excited to see how many of them actually turned up. Many of them were still inhaling the glue, but the coolest thing to see was once we started playing some of them put away their bottles or cloths that they kept their glue in so that they could play better. So for that split second we were able to take their minds off of their hunger and problems so we will take any chance we can get. After we played for a little we shared the story of our salvation with the colors on the ball and we loaded up and left. Straight from there we drove to the volleyball courts and the volleyball girls played the Kenyan National Team. Our girls did an amazing job but ended up getting loosing the girls, best 3 out of 5. After the game a couple of the girls talked and shared their testimony with the girls. Before the game was over us soccer girls had to leave early to get a head start to make it to our game at 3:00. Time isn’t nearly as important to a Kenyan as it is to most Americans, meaning when you say we will play in the afternoon it means between 2 and 4 or a little before or after. Which is actually very relaxing when everyone isn’t as stressed or worried about being somewhere on time.  Both teams warmed up and then it was game time. We were a bit skeptical about the game but  Moya F.C.  (the Kenyan team) were actually very good. They had amazing control of the ball and a very good first touch. Everyone was so focused and hard fought from both sides but luckily we ended up winning 2-1! The most amazing thing about sports and playing for God is that no matter how heated a game gets afterwards we were able to sit down one on one with the girls on the soccer team and share Christ with them. The girl I sat and talked to was an amazing woman. I have been finding every time I talk to someone they end up ministering to me more than I could ever to do for them. Her name was Alice and she was 24, we were sharing our stories but hers took me back more than I could imagine. She told me that her dad used to be a driver throughout Kenya but that he was robbed and shot by thieves. Leaving her mother and 4 younger brothers and sister by them selves. She said for them to all have a decent life they had to all move away and try to make it on their own. She told me that the only way she was able to survive was to trust in God and that he helped her more than anything else could have. Alice can now stand up on her own and know that she is worth something and now has a husband and a little boy. Alice’s faith in God and her trust she puts in him each and everyday from leading her in the game of soccer to finding her next meal is incredible. God is powerful and real and it’s crazy that we are able to show that through sports.  God is so good all the time and he has written us the greatest love story of all time for us and we are the lead roles if we choose to follow him.

Hanna Gilmore


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